Home Remedies For Ear Infections

Suffering from an ear infection is a real test for those who aspire to a good nights sleep. Also, the throbbing pain from an ear infection is the nightmare of many parents of young children.

How to get a peaceful sleep and relieve an ear infection quickly? This is what will be discussed in this article which offers you 10 tips and remedies to treat an ear infection naturally.

Castor Oil To Relieve An Ear Infection

While you wait to meet your doctor, you can pour a few drops of warm castor oil into the ear infected with an ear infection and cover the ear opening with cotton.

You can buy different castor oils online. This way you will be ready to face the following ear infections.

A Little Unscented Almond Oil

You will also need to warm it slightly and put 4-5 drops in the ear using an eyedropper. Another effective natural remedy for treating an ear infection, or at least temporarily relieving pain.

Poppy Oil To Relieve An Ear Infection

Poppy oil found in health food stores can also be a great help as a grandmother’s remedy for ear infections. Of course, these are natural solutions, so if the earache continues for a few days, don’t wait and see a healthcare professional. Natural remedies are only available to relieve and soothe ear infections or other types of earaches.

Gravol For Ear Infections?

Some people say they have experienced pain relief from ear infections by taking Gravol tablets. However, it is not a cure for otitis media, but a quick and temporary solution to relieve earache. For a real cure, don’t hesitate to consult a healthcare professional, especially if the earache has persisted for several days.

A Tasty Decoction To Cure An Ear Infection

Make a tasty decoction that is allowed to cool to room temperature and use to disinfect the infected ear to promote the flow of pus. The ear must be disinfected three times a day: in the morning, at noon and at bedtime. This tip is another natural remedy to eliminate otitis pain quickly, but temporarily.

Heat To Relieve Ear Infections

Heat would have beneficial effects on pain associated with otitis media. Put a hot water bottle on the affected ear or a warm compress, but don’t let it get too hot as this can cause burns.

Garlic To Cure An Ear Infection

An old grandmother’s remedy for relieving an ear infection is to pierce a garlic clove and squeeze the garlic juice into the ear. The substances contained in garlic have antiseptic properties and quickly relieve earache. Garlic juice is a very good and 100% natural home remedy for treating an ear infection.

Pain Reliever Ear Drops

Pain reliever ear drops that you pour into your ear three times a day will provide quick relief from earaches caused by ear infections. Consult a healthcare professional to choose the right pain reliever to ease your ear infection.

Homeopathic Products For Ear Infections

Non-traditional medicine practitioners may want to turn to homeopathic products. Homeopathic granules are sold in pharmacies and absorbed before meals, they not only relieve pain, but also help to treat otitis quickly. It is Ferrum Phosphoricum.

See A Doctor To Treat An Ear Infection

Finally, remember that the only long-term solution to pain caused by an ear infection is to see your doctor for antibiotics that not only relieve pain but also fight the infection at its source. It is very important to treat an ear infection well to prevent it from becoming a more serious problem.